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Posting Photos On Forum

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Posting Photos On Forum Empty Posting Photos On Forum

Post by Admin Sat Jul 06, 2024 12:48 pm

You are allowed to post photos or images to the forum. You are responsible for any images you publish to the forum. Do not under any circumstances post images that are sexual or offensive in anyway, if you do so this will result in an immediate ban. All images are hosted by a third party service ServIMG via our forums software interface. 


When Posting or Replying on the forum & you wish to post your photo or photo’s then simply locate the row of icons above the box you type in. Depending on the device you are using the layout of these icons may differ slightly to the image shown, but you are looking for the icon at the left which has an icon of a photo & floppy disk, shown here with a red tick in this image. click on this icon then proceed to step 2

Posting Photos On Forum Phonto12


Next a box will appear. Click on “Select Files +” 
Posting Photos On Forum Phonto13


Another box opens, click on “Photo Library” or “Choose Files” depending on where your photos are on your mobile device or computer. Select the photo or photos you wish to upload.

Posting Photos On Forum Phonto11


After selecting your photo or photos, click on “Add” after this click on the “Send All” button to upload. After this click on the “Insert All” button which will insert your photos & which should now appear in your reply or post. Then simply click outside of the box to close down the box you’ve been using.


Final step is to “Preview” your post or reply, or if you are happy simply click on “Send” to publish your reply or post along with your photos.

I have tried to keep this guide simple, it is very easy once you have done this & you will wonder what all the fuss is about. For newcomers to the forum however it can be quite daunting & members often ask how to upload photos as they are unsure, hopefully this guide will help.

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