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Hardly passed the MOT today!

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Hardly passed the MOT today! Empty Hardly passed the MOT today!

Post by gassygassy Fri Jul 05, 2024 7:06 am

My 1999 Pollensa is called Hardly because hardly anything worked when I got it. Gravity worked, in the sense that rain water dripped in through the edges of the kitchen roof vent, and the engine worked, but not the turbo. Most other things hardly worked, or partly worked. The turbo still doesn't work - I think, because in a race between a loaded double decker bus and Hardly, the bus would win.
Anyway after a couple of weeks enthusiastically working underneath and inside, Hardly passed the MOT today, with different advisories to last year. The rear spring shackle bushes are worn, and unfortunately I think that is one job I will have to relinquish to a garage. This is something I hate the idea of - but at least it isn't a computer diagnosis. They are 100% always faulty in my experience. I have never known an accurate computer diagnosis of a fault. One of the reasons for having a non computerised camper. allthumbz

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