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Ex Dorset bits

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Ex Dorset bits Empty Ex Dorset bits

Post by bertb Sat Apr 15, 2023 2:37 pm

Ex Dorset bits Bb080e10
While I was putting excess things from 'new' Symbol I found the following from my previous Dorset.

Free standing table with spring loaded legs. (Mounted in the Dorset wardrobe and at the back in the Symbol)
35"L X 18"W

The small 23" X 18" tube mounted table, including tube.

2 off upholstered cushions. 26"L X 8" X 6"

One 'spacing' cushion with two hinged 'legs' I think this makes up the double bed.

And one loose cushion. 
All the upholstered items have removable covers.

I don't know what the pattern is called but it's light brown, made by Premier Furnishings with the letter T in the label.

Also a shelf and toaster tray with handle from the oven.


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