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Experience of TV Streaming

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Experience of TV Streaming Empty Experience of TV Streaming

Post by Peter Brown Wed Jul 06, 2022 12:09 pm

In October 2019 I installed a motorhome wifi 4G system in the van and there is no doubt that its ability to receive 4G signals is far superior to a mobile handset.

In practice however In England in 26 weeks camping during 2020/21 the only two sites that the didn't have handset reception (Forest of Dean and Clumber Park) were also black spots for the motorhome wifi.

This year so far with 7 weeks in England and 5 in France/Germany streaming has been achieved at all locations with handsets.

In all cases, including roaming, the data used for streaming TV has been part of the mobile package at no extra cost.

In hindsight I didn't need the external aerial installation.
Peter Brown
Peter Brown


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Experience of TV Streaming Empty Re: Experience of TV Streaming

Post by RML Sat Jul 09, 2022 8:34 am

In our 16reg van the first mod was a Motorhome WiFi hardwire install with a 3 Internet With Legs 24gb cards. This was fine for 2 years till we both upgraded our phones and had big data packages from BT. We now hardly use the WiFi as now getting good reception on our phones. However now traveling in France while on the move we use the WiFi for Google maps on a 10in Samsung tablet. Currently in the Alps for the tour last night we used the WiFi to watch the highlights program on ITV hub through an Amazon firestick in the TV and got great reception on just 3g. They're great bits of kit and we use it as a reserve backup for our phones. 


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