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Alternative TV in motorhome

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Alternative TV in motorhome Empty Alternative TV in motorhome

Post by Doris Wed Jul 25, 2012 2:44 pm

Glad that Bramble got sorted out with a satallite system.
We are not avid TV watchers and did not want to buy another TV just for using when we are away. What we have gone for is a AVERTV Volar HD dongle for the laptop and because I do not think that the Status (with blue writing) aerial works a Telecam2000 indoor aerial to use with it. I am aware that it will not work in a poor signal area but for £40-50 (depending on where you buy) it is an inexpensive way not being without a TV. The picture when we were away last week was very good. This set-up could be useful if you are not on hook-up as other than recharging the laptop no power in needed to run it.



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