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Toilets, gas & electricity?

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Toilets, gas & electricity?  - Page 2 Empty refillable cylinders

Post by murph Fri Jul 20, 2012 1:49 pm

Hi All,
The trouble with this adapter is that refillable cylinders are fitted with a valve to prevent tham being filled above 80% to allow for expansion, but I dont know whether Calor type cylinders have this valve, if they do not ( someone will know) it would not be sensible to fill them to full capacity and as such you would have difficulty knowing just how long it would last before running out. Though the adapter label tells you how much to fill from empty, you would have to wait till it was empty, rather than refilling when you thought it was low as we do, to prevent it running out.
I have never had a problem refilling our cylinder mounted permenantly in the gas locker, but I have heard of problems trying to refill a loose cylinder on the forcourt.



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Toilets, gas & electricity?  - Page 2 Empty Re: Toilets, gas & electricity?

Post by Dutto Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:14 pm


When filling up an LPG cylinder the liquid flowing into the bottle doesn't need to displace any gas.

In an LPG cylinder, as the pressure in the bottle increases the gas in the bottle turns to a liquid; as opposed to something like a water bottle where the water entering the bottle has to displace the air in the bottle.

Therefore, it is quite possible to completely fill any LPG cylinder with liquid.

This moves us on to the next problems.

1). Liquid is to all intents and purposes incompressible.

2). A liquid will expand when the temperature rises.

Therefore, if a cylinder is completely filled with liquid and the temperature rises the resulting pressure increase within the cylinder may result in a rupture of the cylinder wall. (Actually, what usually happens is that the threads on the valve sheer off and the valve blows out!)

In synopsis, the question is "Would I use one of these adaptors?"; and the answer is a firm "No!"

Best regards,


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