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2004 Nuevo ES water pump access

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2004 Nuevo ES water pump access  Empty 2004 Nuevo ES water pump access

Post by Raybo Sat Oct 16, 2021 9:56 am

Sorry if this subject has been covered by previous posts but after an hour of searches I haven’t found a suitable post.

My Nuevo ES has a Shurflow pump that is located under the offside bed box and appears to be fixed through the wall of the gas locker and it also appears to be installed so that the pressure switch adjuster screw is inaccessible.

The pump won’t switch off when the taps are shut off and gets very noisy until I switch off at the 12v panel, when the taps are turned off the pump squirts water out when it’s trying to pressurise but if I turn off at the panel it doesn’t leak.

I am thinking of taking the pump out but it is in such a tight space it looks a mammoth task without dismantling part of the bed box.

I was wondering if anybody with the same model has done this job and how they went about it, it might be just an adjustment of the pressure switch screw but it is not accessible from above.


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2004 Nuevo ES water pump access  Empty Re: 2004 Nuevo ES water pump access

Post by Paulmold Sat Oct 16, 2021 10:14 am

The pressure switch is something that rarely if ever has to be adjusted on a Shurflo. The fact it squirts out after switching off points to it having a split or crack so needs replacing. Possibly this was due to  water remaining in it after winter drain down. Removal is by unscrewing through the gas cupboard as you've discovered.  I haven't actually  done it  myself but did look closely at it when I had Nuevo ES.

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