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Cab Repairs

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Cab Repairs Empty Cab Repairs

Post by Dave 418 Wed Oct 13, 2021 9:13 pm

For the last month I have been trying to find a garage/ body shop  to repair the o/s front wheel arch on the Rienza.
The response has been frustrating to say the least. One garage said yes we can repair a motorhome that size. On arrival for the quote they said it’s  a proper motorhome, we can’t fit it in.. Another place said we can get in in but we will have to let the tyres down. Another one hasn’t called back with a quote after nearly a week. 
I did get a quote and they could fit it in but I wanted to have one more try to get another quote. 
Whilst we were out last Friday I noticed a very nice VW camper that had been professionally restored. The paint finish was the best I had seen for a long time. The owners said it had been painted were I got the quote from so I thought it proved there standard of workmanship.
I have jury service early November so it will go in to them after that.
Dave 418


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