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Exhaust pipe Autosleeper Ravenna

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Exhaust pipe Autosleeper Ravenna Empty Exhaust pipe Autosleeper Ravenna

Post by brian rice Tue Sep 07, 2021 5:46 pm

Help! We bought our 2002 Autosleeper Ravenna on a Peugeot Boxer chassis in November last year. We had it serviced in march, but I had a horrible niggle about the exhaust and true enough, it's shot to pieces!

I need a replacement exhaust but apparently the sleeve between the manifold and some other sticky out bit is not made anymore - the rest of the exhaust can be purchased .

Does anyone know where I can get exhaust parts relatively inexpensively?

Thanks in anticipation

brian rice
brian rice


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Exhaust pipe Autosleeper Ravenna Empty Re: Exhaust pipe Autosleeper Ravenna

Post by breakaleg Wed Sep 08, 2021 11:18 am

Hi Brian,

There is a company in Manchester (I Think) that can make you a stainless Steel exhaust to fit, slightly more expensive but guaranteed for around 10 years and any holes can be welded.

Search for Stainless steel exhaust and it shold pop up.


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