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Mk3 Transit Petrol (Pinto) Engine Mounts

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Mk3 Transit Petrol (Pinto) Engine Mounts Empty Mk3 Transit Petrol (Pinto) Engine Mounts

Post by Portafold on Sat Dec 26, 2020 10:29 am

I've managed to track down a very rare part, the engine mounts for the Pinto petrol engine for the Mk3 Transit.  It's discontinued by Ford and there are no suppliers of it in the UK.

If you have a petrol engined Legend or Legend GL (like me) then this is for you.

They fit the Mk3 version of the Ford Transit from approx. September 1985 to September 1992 that were fitted with the Pinto petrol engine.  I've been informed that the Mk4 Transit petrol models use the same part number, but you'll need to check this is correct as I don't have a Mk4 myself, so it's not something I can confirm.

The diesel variant mounts are readily available, but they're not suitable for the petrol engines as they're shorter and cause the engine mount cup to bottom out on the crossmember.  Don't believe people if they tell you you can just fit the diesel ones!

The eBay listing has photos of my Transit before and after, with the diesel mounts fitted and then with the correct petrol ones.  Major difference!

The clearance on mine has gone from just a couple of mm, right up to about 15/16mm, no more knocking!  It's like driving a Rolls-Royce... well... almost.  hugegrins  

The Ford part numbers were:


I have just a few available, I doubt they'll be around for long.


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