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PAPSA Camos satallite dish

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PAPSA Camos satallite dish Empty PAPSA Camos satallite dish

Post by Biscuit Thu Nov 21, 2019 2:19 pm

I have just been given an older model of the above.
I have been on the caravan club forum and sent an email to a nice man who told me it could be returned to Astra 2 and sent me instructions.

Look a bit complicated to me on the computer. He also said to plug it in to 12v. But I have no wires.

The friend who gave it me said his mother used to connect the satalite cable and it worked.

Don't know anything about them. Looks in very good condition. Seams a shame to dispose of it,
Anybody out there can help me with this or know someone, I would appreciate it

I am in the Manchester area



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