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Water System Success

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Water System Success Empty Water System Success

Post by bernieproberts on Thu Oct 24, 2019 1:21 pm

While on holiday in Spain in our 2013 Nuevo ES our submersible water stopped working. I was able to buy a flexible pipe, wiring and clips. This enabled me to connect up to the Integral Pressure Switch. Then using the Whale Watermaster and a large water container we were able to have water caravan style.

When we arrived home I decided to replace the water pump and the in-line pressure switch. My fresh water tank has an inspection cap underneath it. I tried to release it but could not. Reading in the Forum that heating it would soften the Seelastik which A-S use may help. I did this and it worked. On removing the cap I could see the water pump. I thought I would have a problem removing the clip on the pump but it had rusted through and fell off. I cut the pump flex and replaced the pump using a stainless steel clip. I then stripped the old cable and joined it to the new pump cable with a small red wire crimp connector that was a smaller diameter than the cable. Laying beside the tank I was able to put my arm over the tank and pull the old cable while feeding the new one in with my other arm. The new cable came through the hole and was connected to the cable from the pressure switch. Inside I replaced the pressure switch with a new one and all worked well. However the pump came on for a few seconds every four minutes. I looked for a leak but could not find one. So it was back to the Forum for ideas. Luckily I found a similar problem solved by blowing through the pressure switch. It showed the non return valve was not working. I took it back to the shop where they confirmed the fault and gave me another one. All works perfectly now.

Having solved these problems I went to the Forum to find a solution to why the Sargent control panel did not show the water levels. One solution which a number of people had found successful was to use Elsan Fresh Water Tank Cleaner. I added this to the fresh water tank and left it for 24 hours. When I returned it showed 100% and all the other levels as it drained out. I shall use this cleaner at least once a year having read the problems with the tank sensors.

I must thank the Forum and its contributors for all the help.

Bernie Roberts



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