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new (to me) van security Autosleeper Fairford

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new (to me) van security Autosleeper Fairford Empty new (to me) van security Autosleeper Fairford

Post by Nangie Tue Aug 06, 2019 11:21 am

I am sure this has been asked before but I cannot find the info I need in a format I can understand! So hoping some kind person here has the time to either explain/discuss with me or point me in the right direction!
I have just become the very proud owner of a 2016 Autosleeper Fairford. It already has a tracker fitted which I know I can take over the subscription on, Globaltelemetrics Smartrack. (tho they are being a little slow in getting back to me and previous owner was contacted to cancel his subs yesterday, so it is probably not covered at the moment!) However -I am totally new to all this but from what I can gather I probably need to do more than just the tracker to protect my lovely van. So I have at least a few questions please!
1.As the exisiting tracker was installed 3 1/2 years ago it is out of warranty, should I even consider just carrying on the subs, would I be better starting from scratch with the either the same or different device?
2. The tracker obviously does not prevent theft, tho it is a monitored 24/7 system and I do know it will alert the company if the vehicle is towed or somehow moves without ignition, or if battery is disconnected. The van has the usual alarm and immobiliser. Do I need to consider some sort of steering wheel lock, wheel locking devices, if so which?
3. I will sometimes have dogs with me, so there will be occasions when I need to leave them in the van while I shop/shower etc. Is there a way I can set the alarm on the van with them moving around inside?
4. I know people with panel vans talk about extra locks on back and side doors- what are these and are they necessary? Who fits them? 
That's all I can think of at the moment, thanking anyone who replies in advance. confused3 Angie

Edit...I think I have wrongly posted this in the coachbuilt instead of panel vans forum, have no idea how to change it. Sorry!

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new (to me) van security Autosleeper Fairford Empty Re: new (to me) van security Autosleeper Fairford

Post by Eltel Tue Aug 06, 2019 11:50 am

The I’m not sure if I am a great fan of the factory fitted tracker, reason being the professional thieves will possibly be aware the manufacture fits them.

On purchasing my new Autosleepers the first thing I had done was a upgrade to Thatchan class 1 Alarm 

I like you have a dog and I am able to omit the inside movement sensors in the motorhome if I am going for a shower etc.

The additional security I have had fitted is a follows.

The Habitation door has a external Fiama door arm that folds over the door stopping anyone entering the motorhome easily, this also doubles up as a hand rail in its open position.

As we have a Nuevo EK which is only 18’ 9” long we are able to park it in most car parks that don’t have a height barrier, so we have had two additional dead locks fitted to both cab doors.

Now I know it still could be broken into or stolen, but with the added external and visible locks plus the the Thatcham class 1 alarm and immobiliser and least I have made it difficult for the opportunist thief

All the above work was either done by my Autosleepers dealer or organised by them.

Hope it helps

Enjoy your motorhome 



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new (to me) van security Autosleeper Fairford Empty Re: new (to me) van security Autosleeper Fairford

Post by Paulmold Tue Aug 06, 2019 12:08 pm

I upgraded the immobiliser to a Thatcham 1 with a 2:1 Cobra alarm . I also use a steering wheel bar (it's a 4tress which is now marketed by Milenco and is Sold Secure Gold rated). I also have a Pedlock pedal clamp. I fit both these physical deterrents whenever we park or even if nipping into a supermarket. At home I also fit a Milenco Compact wheelclamp. None of these will stop the determined professional thief but will slow them down plus removing these will require a noisy angle grinder. Also at home we are lucky to have a streetlamp at the end of the drive which illuminates the van all night and any thief will be well lit as well.

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new (to me) van security Autosleeper Fairford Empty Re: new (to me) van security Autosleeper Fairford

Post by pagetheoracle Tue Aug 06, 2019 5:12 pm

Yesterday I bought the very heavy duty Disklok steering lock. It was a payday offer with eurocarparts and I can honestly say it’s an impressive , if fiddly bit of kit to begin with but I  slept soundly last night knowing it was fitted. They come in small, med and large. My Broadway’s steering wheel took the medium , remember that it should rotate freely to avoid resistance the thief uses to snap the Peugeot steering column lock. In addition, the centinel clutch claw is good. My thoughts are that premium quality deterrent equipment will  sell for similar money once you have done with them looking at fleebay.


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