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2019 Nuevo Shower Riser

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2019 Nuevo Shower Riser Empty 2019 Nuevo Shower Riser

Post by marconi Mon 22 Jul 2019 - 22:19

Third trip out in the Nuevo, for the weekend this time, not a long journey maybe 20 miles. On the way there was a crash from the bathroom, on arrival the chromed plastic cover from the bottom shower riser support was on the floor plus a heavy chromed bung from the bottom end of the riser tube.
There are no screws holding the assembly in place just a nylon ring making the plug a push fit into the tube, a peg on top of the plug goes into a slot in the support bracket, same thing other way up at the top.

The bung was probably shaken out because the support bracket which it pegs into was loose. Why? The AS curse again the fixing screws fitted with too much torque, one had cut deep into the plastic end plate the other had stripped the thread in the hole it was screwed into.

I repeat the thin ply on these wall boards will not stand up to this treatment, will AS take note ?

It is not going to the dealer for repair, their solution is to force a bigger screw in with excessive torque and strip the thread in an even bigger hole.


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