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Broadway EK table storage.

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Broadway EK table storage. Empty Broadway EK table storage.

Post by Casagodfrey Sun Jul 07, 2019 8:54 am

Hi, still on my continuing journey of discovery on our new 66 plate Broadway EK. 
Really like it but what were they thinking of when they put the table storage in the wardrobe. The designer must be a single man!
Has anyone managed to find a more satisfactory and accessible method of stowing the table?

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Broadway EK table storage. Empty Re: Broadway EK table storage.

Post by Quilter Sun Jul 07, 2019 9:47 am

For a short while we travelled with a small fold-flat table which used to travel along with the Lafuma chairs, strapped behind the cab seats. We had a large table top, perfectly flat, which slid neatly under one bench seat, between slatted top and cushion, and could be bolted to the top of the folding table. We did not carry the small AS supplied table anyway and also left the big one at home. 

Most of the time this was fine but became a bit of a faff for meals and meant we had not got 2 tables to use at the same time. One big advantage was that it was wider than the big AS table so sitting on the bench seats for meals was much more comfortable.

We soon went back to the original table in the wardrobe. We have shelved the back of the wardrobe  and the huge chrome support for the small AS table is now fitted on the bulkhead behind the driver. We have a set of 4 plastic drawers in a unit in the wardrobe and there is sufficient space between them and the big table for 2 coat hangers of clothes if required.

Not ideal but then there are always small compromises to be made.


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