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Truma heater fault

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Truma heater fault Empty Truma heater fault

Post by gef Sat Jun 22, 2019 8:03 pm

I had a W45H heater fault that rolled on for 3 years occurring when the temperature dropped  around November.   At first it was intermittent affected by vibration.  It could start working again after travelling a few miles or hundreds.  I have just had a new one fitted at Willersey and the fault was at the live end plug where discolouration shew excessive heat.  It was something like a broken wire or missed crimp.  Any one getting this fault code should check this live feed as well as other areas
I was most impressed with the super service at Willersey they have excellent technicians and looked after us extremely well 


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Truma heater fault Empty Re: Truma heater fault

Post by gassygassy Mon Jun 24, 2019 9:45 pm

I had a similar sounding wiring fault on a new Rapido with an electric bed. The moron who assembled it in France in between swigging his wind and smoking a Galoise couldn't be bothered to push a plug into a socket properly so the bed was intermittent. Brownhills took three attempts to find the fault and I ended up sending them the 'this is not fit for purpose' letter demanding a refund, which they refused to give. I then bought another new French one, a Pilote with several faults including a heater duct that was kinked in half. I won't be buying any more French motorhomes, and certainly not an electric bed. They are computerised, you have to program in 5 different stop positions. You can't be trusted just to push an 'up' button or a 'down' button, it has to travel until it reaches the programmed stop position. I hope A/S never succumb to installing the dreadful things. I am on first name email terms with the designer in Italy and the Rapido production manager in France.


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