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2001 executive Gearbox Problems

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2001 executive Gearbox Problems Empty 2001 executive Gearbox Problems

Post by peterbaillie Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:59 am

My partner and I have an executive boxer 270 td with 1905 Diesel engine. She has serious gearbox problems that need attention, the engine has only done about 25,000 miles from new. I suspect the engine is underpowered which may have contributed to gearbox problems. Is it worth upgrading the engine? If so can anyone recommend where to do this? What would it cost to do this and the gearbox at the same time?
Would it be best to just fix the gear box?
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2001 executive Gearbox Problems Empty Re: 2001 executive Gearbox Problems

Post by roli Sun Feb 10, 2019 1:39 pm

There has been a lot posted over the years on this gearbox problem and am sure if you do search on here you will get the opinions of many others, some have managed to get them repaired others rebuilt and even a substitute box.

As you are new the PM system wont work for you but under my avatar you will see the email option, send me an email I have a suggestion that may save you some time.

We do ask members to do a brief intro prior to posting a query etc, however seeing as you have now posted I shall say Welcome to ASOF


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