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Classifieds Rules

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Classifieds Rules Empty Classifieds Rules

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 30, 2019 9:40 am

Members: Can advertise "Free of charge" within the Classifieds Section. 

We now have a pretty good web presence and therefore any vehicles listed for sale will show up well within Google search results, the classifieds section is not restricted like other areas so guests can also view sellers items giving you a good audience for selling your vehicles or items. All we ask is that you follow these rules before listing any vehicle or items for sale.




• Please DO NOT join this site to just post in the Classifieds Section! Any members who post in the classifieds section, who have 
not introduced themselves first, or are not active on the forum will have their entry removed

• The method of payment or purchase must be agreed privately between both parties (seller/purchaser) This forum accepts no 
responsibility for any disputes or problems that may arise from any such listings.

• If you buy an item from another member and you have any problems, please act in a mature manner and where possible try to 
resolve any issues directly with the seller via the PM system rather than via the forum.

• Please do not 'bump' your posts back to the top of the board. This is inconsiderate towards other users who are advertising.

• Any posts that don't meet our approval will be removed without warning.

• No links to other sites for self promotion! This includes listings to ebay, Preloved, Autotrader or any other similar sites
We offer this service for free so at least have the courtesy to list the item for sale here properly, not just put a link to other sites 
where you have the vehicle listed.

• Please try to avoid posting phone numbers or personal email addresses, this is for your protection! Instead request members email 
or PM you via the forum, if you post any personal information this is at your risk, and we will not be responsible as a result of such 
information being publicly broadcast on the board.

• If you sell the item via the forum or elsewhere please have the courtesy to update the ad saying item now sold or PM Admin so the 
listing can be updated.

* Posts may be removed by moderators at any time without any notice.

* Please do not reply to posts within the classified unless you are actually inquiring about the vehicle or item.


Any agreements entered into by parties using these facilities do so entirely at their own risk. The owners of the Auto-Sleeper Owners Forum (ASOF) 
including it's Administrators or Moderators, are unable to mediate any disputes arising through the use of this facility. Please use common sense and 
make any necessary checks when entering any transaction, if you have any uncertainty then do not continue with any transaction.

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Classifieds Rules Empty Re: Classifieds Rules

Post by brianmor on Fri Aug 16, 2019 10:44 am

I cannot see any buttons for selling items in classifieds, I've stopped pop ups in my browser(chrome) any other ideas.
Many thanks
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