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2001 Boxer 2.8 HDi Fuel Pump in Tank

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 2001 Boxer 2.8 HDi Fuel Pump in Tank Empty 2001 Boxer 2.8 HDi Fuel Pump in Tank

Post by Michael J Harrison Tue Oct 02, 2018 7:18 pm

After a week stood at Winchester rally, return journey home we had to be recovered from Ringwood. Good ol green flag! no fuel pressure at filter.
after spraying fuel into intake hose and turning over engine it started then cut out after burning up the sprayed fuel on intake. no engine problem just fuel delivery from tank pump. Tow back to a workshop at canford magna  Steve Noel Engineers. Recommended from previous work i had done efficiently carried out.
After removal and checking of fuel pump on test bench pump was found defective. Fuel filter replaced on van and Pump reconditioned /fitted to tank.
on checking the battery was now flat on van so had to be charged before testing. A wire from engine management system was found to have a drop in voltage and was replaced, outside of wiring harness an secured with fixing bands. An issue was found with immobiliser and re-programmed with the code with specialist assistance. Van road tested and found OK.I collected Van and took for 30 miles trip before going to rally at Burnham on Sea.
On journey a couple of times a stall/ misfire or starvation of fuel momentary took place at Yeovil whilst driving and in slow traffic. A Feeling of in-trepidation was sensed and should we continue or return home! we continued and had a great rally and didn't go out until the Thursday to try the van 
which was fine. I phoned the engineer who carried out the repairs and he re-assures me that the pump issue should be fine and just a glitch in the electronics was possibly the  reason for the hesitation problem and to phone him if breakdown was an issue.
  We were now in a re-assured state of mind but set of in early morning to return home clear roads 50-65 mls an hr most of the way 80  for a short period (closer to Home ) the van was Fine no issues. I still have lack the confidence and have taken out full recovery package instead of 10 mls with 
Green flag and hope that i don't have to use it.
Any body else have this issue with the HDi 2.8 boxer or is it just me, after all she is 2001 vehicle and still going strong. Mike Harrison. allthumbz
Michael J Harrison
Michael J Harrison


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