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Tesco fuel

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Post by daisy mae Fri Oct 26, 2018 6:32 pm

There is always the doubters.  every one has a choice and goes with that, if those that doubt it but haven`t tried it how can they comment negatively.?

We have tried it over many years now with different vehicles, so prefer to go with our actual findings. After all engine repairs can be costly, as well as inconvenient, so prefer to   look after  them the best we can, same as oil change every 3,000 miles or annually, with the best oil and filter change.  
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daisy mae
daisy mae


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Tesco fuel - Page 2 Empty Re: Tesco fuel

Post by groundhog Fri Oct 26, 2018 7:01 pm

mikethebike wrote:
groundhog wrote:Always bought whatever suoermarket fuel was cheapest, no Tesco near so usually Asda. Kept reading the claim that buying expensive fuel was better, didn't believe it, so thought I would do a real World experiment.

Super plus diesel is around 5p a litre more expensive in our local garage but after three tanks full the average consumption on our diesel mercedes car has gone up from 32.8 mpg to 36.4mpg, normal use nothing different and Helga drives better as well. Overall actually spending less!!

Now converted and will be buying super diesel for the van as well.
my back of a fag packet sum means you are about a penny a mile better off.
If your high mileage its a good saving. It may be your vehicle is running better after a fuel system clean.
maybe go back to 3 tank full of cheap and see if there is a change.

We only do a small mileage the nine months we spend in the UK every year, the car quoted did about 2000 miles last year and Lady G's covered a massive 600 miles a year for the last four years - it is not allowed out in the wet!

So the marginal saving of a few pence is not worth worrying about. What is important is that the car seems to drive just that little bit better and I feel I am being kind to it.

As I say, a non believer there was any difference until I tried it.

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Tesco fuel - Page 2 Empty Re: Tesco fuel

Post by Guest Fri Oct 26, 2018 10:45 pm

An old article but it raises a point that hadn't occurred to me was the losses to the station operators. The accuracy has improved but so has the volumes. They don't want it to under dispense because of fines and loss of license, they don't want over because it costs them money. It is in their interest to check the calibration regularly.

On the O/P one time I was in the local Sainsburys following up a marketing offer only to none of the item stocked. Not run out, no empty space where it should be. Fortunately a manager was nearby so I complained, got back some waffle about it may not be ranged in all stores. I pointed out we were standing in the largest store in the country to which all I got was a shrug.

We have got to the state where these companies are too big, they don't really care about the little people like us.

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