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Shower tray weak point.

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Shower tray weak point. Empty Shower tray weak point.

Post by bikeralw Mon Aug 20, 2018 6:50 pm

This applies to the early Nuevo and maybe other vans that have the shower tray with 3 drain holes.
When cleaning out the bathroom the other day after a trip, I removed the heavyweight original shower mat and noticed a crack almost all the way around the drain hole nearest the door. Once I took the drain apart I could see the hole in the van flooring was much bigger than it needed to be, leaving the thin plastic shower tray unsupported right where your heel would go when entering the bathroom. This seems quite a bad design. The other two drain holes are well out of the area that gets trodden on.
I have a lathe, so have repaired it with a bespoke ring of plastic, clamped and sealed with silkaflex, so shouldn't have the issue again.


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