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Heki rooflight "chatter"

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Heki rooflight "chatter" Empty Heki rooflight "chatter"

Post by BarryP Sun Jun 03, 2018 7:00 pm

The pleated blinds on the Heki rooflights are notorious for flapping around noisily even if there is the slightest breeze (usually in the dead of night) and leaking light around the edges (not to mention mosquitoes etc).........
 A universal retro-fit jobbie is now available from Ian Pedley which can be easily added to any existing rooflight. It is self-adhesive and fits in seconds and is called the 'Hush Brush'.
It's primarily designed to stop the blind rattling up and down but it doesn't do a bad job of stopping the light leakage either (Where light finds it's way around the edges of the blind).
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Hush Brush Kit Heki Midi (approx 600mm lg) £25 + £5 P&P
Hush Brush Kit Heki Mini (approx 400mm lg) £19 + £5 P&P
Note P&P costed for second class parcel postage.
Delivery approx 2 wks.
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