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Timely suprise

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Timely suprise Empty Timely suprise

Post by Dave 418 Fri Apr 06, 2018 2:52 pm

tap_fingers Thinks me I will give the Rienza a good wash and spruce up whilst there a slight change in the weather. Roof washed, back nearside and front washed. Now move the van across the drive to do the offside. Whilst I am at it check the heat shield  under the gas locker again, came loose last year. yikes Not heat shield this time. The exhaust was broken clean off at the front of the back box. I hadnt noticed any difference in the exhaust note just a minor rattle around the tail pipe. It was catching on the side skirt.We can only assume it must have broken on our way back from North Yorkshire.
  My tyre and exhaust people are sorting it this afternoon. It should only need a rear box they say.
I hope this is all I have to sort out with our plans for this year getting fuller by the day.
Dave 418


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