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Post by Kemerton-bath on Tue 27 Feb 2018 - 22:21

We spotted a Kemerton we liked the look of on Nick Whale's website 4 weeks ago and on the strength of the extensive pictures and 360-degree imagery we took the decision to make the 3 hour round trip and view it.  The good feel we got from the website was reinforced during our visit to the dealership. The vans are well presented and we spent 4 hours there, viewing the van in detail in their indoor inspection area.  We agreed a purchase and a trade-in deal with our 2009 Symbol.

Their premises are in a rural location a few miles north of Evesham and viewing is by appointment.  They focus on Autosleeper and Wildax, much of their inventory is new or just a few years old and they have a close relationship with Autosleeper who are just down the road.

We took delivery of the Kemerton last week after a detailed half-day handover process.  The dealership handled everything superbly and their attention to detail was faultless.  That does work both ways, meaning that if you are trading in a van you need to be prepared for them to go through it in detail to confirm (or modify) their offer.

We had no qualms placing our confidence in them and recommend them based on our experience.

Anyone looking for a carefully looked-after 2009 Symbol might want to keep an eye on their inventory as we believe they will be selling it rather than offloading it elsewhere.

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Nick Whale Motorhomes Empty Re: Nick Whale Motorhomes

Post by MikeJJ on Wed 28 Feb 2018 - 7:55

Well I am genuinely pleased you received good service from NW Motorhomes they are a small growing company who have transitioned from selling classic cars.

However, in my case whilst I found the sales guys helpful and sensible I have been let down badly by the service side, with a new m/h being delivered with well over 20 faults.  Fortunately because AS is close-by most of the major issues have been resolved by Mark at the AS Service Centre.  Purely as result of Mark's competence and helpfulness my trust in AS products has been restored.


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