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Today's site - 1 good, 1 nearly good

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Today's site - 1 good, 1 nearly good  Empty Today's site - 1 good, 1 nearly good

Post by dbroada Fri Jul 07, 2017 3:42 pm

We have just arrived at a site in Malmo, Sweden.

For a change I actually remembered that I had to fill the clean water BEFORE getting on the ramps and unpacking. I parked next to the fresh water hose and found a hose with a tap at the open end! How sensible is that? It may happen a lot but I have never seen one. I always resign myself to an unplanned shower.

The next surprise came when plugging in. In the distribution box is a blue 16A socket, a 2 pin domestic socket (very common through Scandinavian sites) and a third socket I don't recognised. Brilliant. Almost. It would have been brilliant if the box had been big enough to get the plug in position to line up with the socket.




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