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First time use

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First time use Empty First time use

Post by Ribena on Sat Jul 01, 2017 9:40 am

Hi I'm sure this has probably been covered on another thread but I can't find it.. having just got Cilla our '94 duetto out of the workshop having corrected the appalling hand painted blue gloss paint job the previous owners had given her and replacing all the panels they had chosen to spray foam and fill... We are gagging to get out and about in her as soon as possible.

First problem we have encountered is water pump, it runs, we have had it out and it has pumped water out of a bucket, but when put back in the van although we can hear it running and the water tank is full it draws nothing into the hot water tank or thru to the cold tap.

We have tried priming it Insitu by forcing water into the inlet and outlets of the pump but no effect. The people we bought it off said they'd never used the water system neither had the people before them...

Another thing I've noticed is even though I've got her plugged on mains there are no lights on the zig unit ??

All help gratefully received!!


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First time use Empty Re: First time use

Post by meanchris on Sat Jul 01, 2017 10:17 am

Water Pump:
1. There may be an air leak on the inlet side of the pump, check all connections from the water tank.
2. Check that water is present at the inlet side, that there's no blockage in the pipework or tank outlet.

1. Check that the Zig is switched on, it has its own switch somewhere on the casing.
2. Check that the circuit breakers and master switch are on at the 'consumer unit' in the van.
3. Do you have a 230V light somewhere, does it work, do the 230V outlets work?


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