Broadway Friday afternoon job!!!

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Broadway Friday afternoon job!!! Empty Broadway Friday afternoon job!!!

Post by Wightman on Thu May 25, 2017 11:01 am

Hi All Has anybody looked/checked under their cooker in the compartment behind the almost impossible panel to remove  biggrin

We have a gas tap right next to a 13 amp switched socket - lets hope we never have to turn socket on/off with a gas leak   confused3

Then the craziest (to me anyway) the pressure water pump is fitted directly ABOVE the socket - and yes my diaphragm has failed with water dripping onto the 13 amp socket dont_mentionIt 

Should this be passed - surely some regulations are being broken here - there must be enough regulations to cover the above one would hope

I have refitted the water pump in the cupboard next to it - would like to move 13 amp socket further away from gas tap but installer cut leads too short to move!!!?

Cheers all 

Brent Glorious hot and sunny IoW


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