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Insurance quotes ?

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Insurance quotes ? Empty Insurance quotes ?

Post by Machloop Wed Mar 15, 2017 11:38 am

Just spent half an hour on the phone giving my life history to Caravanguard only to discover at the end that they won't cover it parked in the street right outside my front window over night. They would be quite happy to insure it on the side of the house with easy access to [and in full view of] our street  but 'no flexability' allowed. I could have lied and in the event of a theft said it was in the driveway but why ?  And I also asked "is this limited mileage [for a discount] an estimate or a restriction and how do you know ?"  After some if-ing and arr-ing and pointing out that last year #1 son took it to the Spanish moto GP on his insurance for 3000+ miles it was decided that they couldn't enforce it anyway.  I get the impression that they make it all up as they go along.  think_smiley_46

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