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P reg Legend

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P reg Legend Empty P reg Legend

Post by Paramedic Fri Feb 24, 2017 7:51 pm

At Goodwood today, immaculate P reg Legend arrived next to our van with six occupants. Noticed adult and child in rear lounge obviously not belted up. All six, three adults and three children then ate lunch in the lounge. Assume two of the children shared the 'third' seat that left two others not restrained by seat belts as sitting sideways. Fantastic looking van, shame about unrestrained passengers.....unless I have guessed wrong?

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P reg Legend Empty Re: P reg Legend

Post by TravelKat Sat Feb 25, 2017 8:52 am

We had a Legend years ago, but that only had seatbelts on the driver and passenger seats, none in the U shaped lounge.  So that would have left 4 passengers unrestrained, surely?  

We went to the IoW in ours, with friends who at the time had an Amethyst.  We went to visit Osborne House in our Legend; the 2 men sat in the front and the 2 women in the back, unrestrained.  It was only a short journey from the site we were on, but it didn't feel right not to have a seatbelt on, as well as that, it wasn't a very comfortable ride in the back!


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