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Forgotten User Names or Password Help

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Forgotten User Names or Password Help Empty Forgotten User Names or Password Help

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 07, 2011 9:03 am

We get many pleas for help from members who have forgotten either their user name or password (or even both) in these situations we are always happy to help, but please in order to make our job easier, take a few moments to think back to when you registered and what email address you may have registered with? simply stating your name for example is "Fred Bloggs" or just saying "Help!" is not really helpful in us trying to establish who you are.

Both Usernames and Passwords are case sensitive. You could be typing both the user name and password spelt correctly but most probably you have typed a certain letter as a capital or non capital (upper case / lower case) Be informed that there is no other reason for you being unable to sign into the forum, other than you forgetting your sign in details!

Before contacting us:

If you have forgotten your password then you do not need to contact us as you can simply request a new password on the sign in page by clicking on the link
'I forgot my password'

Password Recovery Step 1:

Click on the 'I forgot my password' link on the page where you would normally sign on - highlighted red in pic below

Forgotten User Names or Password Help Forgotpass

Password Recovery Step 2:

On the next page you need to fill in your user name and the email address that you used when you registered your account with ASOF

Forgotten User Names or Password Help Sendpass

Password Recovery Step 3:

Your new password will be sent to the email address specified, if you do not receive this email it's because the email you entered does not match your ASOF account.

If you have forgotten both your username and password then please have the following information available before contacting us:

1) If you can not remember your Member Name, then you will need to provide any email addresses that you may have used when first registering.

2) Please be polite, remember you have forgotten these details, not us

3) While we make every attempt to help members as swiftly as possible, we are unable to man the computers 24hrs a day, please be patient and we will assist you at our earliest opportunity.

4) We recommend members save their Username & Password on their computers by ticking the "Log on automatically" box on the log in page, in future as you start to type your username into the box the field will automatically be filled when this option is enabled

5) Any member that attempts to log in and is unsuccessful after a few attempts will be locked out, this is a security measure and if this happens leave it and come back later to try again or contact us for assistance

6) We do not have access to retrieve members passwords, and we can only reset your password by giving you a temporary password which we recommend you then change within your profile the next time you log in

If you are unable to reset your own password, and would like us to reset your password then contact us using this link: Click Here

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