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Symphony Battery

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Symphony Battery Empty Symphony Battery

Post by Finechty Camper Sat Oct 08, 2016 5:12 pm

Just removed battery to change out battery tray in engine compartment, replaced battery , connected up pos & neg but when put in key no dash lights or power! not sure if I have missed a plug and play cable . Any help would be appreciated.
Battery power was ok before took out and put in battery
Finechty Camper
Finechty Camper


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Symphony Battery Empty Re: Symphony Battery

Post by -mojo- Sat Oct 08, 2016 7:08 pm

The most basic initial test is: Is the battery dead or alive? Use independent test leads onto the battery terminals with something (maybe just a 12V bulb in a holder) to confirm that it has power. Then do the same but onto the van's terminals (connected to the battery) to check that the terminals are not corroded up. Then the same again but with the negative onto any bare metal on the chassis to confirm that lead from battery negative to chassis is good.

If all those test as good but nothing (including the headlights) work then I would suspect the main fuse, if it has one - though these are generally very highly rated and quite difficult to blow by accident. Last one I saw blown was when my Dad connected the battery round the wrong way on his Toyota (not entirely his fault - he was supplied with a brand new battery with the terminals on the wrong sides!).


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