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Cycling while intoxicated!

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Cycling while intoxicated! Empty Cycling while intoxicated!

Post by Wigley Woggled Sat 04 Jun 2016, 8:49 pm

So there we were enjoying a Camper Stop at Vera in south east Spain. It had a bar so off we went to sample some food and a drink only to meet up with three other Brit couples. As time went on and drinks flowed we broke our natural national reserve and enjoyed a whole afternoon of chat and drink.  drinksallround
You know what its like, the drink runs out so are we going or staying and, after several agonizing minutes we decided to have another for the road.  drinksallround best_friends drinksallround

Now we walked to the bar but another couple brought their electric bikes and helmets. one was a tricycle ridden by his wife and the other a full size bike. They left first while we carried on putting the world to rights. We got back to our passion wagon lets_dance only to discover our new found friends bikes parked up by our 'rig' which we thought strange. scratch head

Apparently they had left our party without bothering to wear  the crash helmets and part way back he lost control, crashed, fell off and made a mess of a large boulder with his head. A fair amount of blood was spotted by the camp commandant and an ambulance was called. shrugg

So we locked up their bikes to ours, wondered over to their larger motorhome to find nobody at home but was unlocked with windows fully open. Found the keys in the bike pannier and locked their motorhome up.

Apparently they were released from hospital at 4 am and got a taxi back to find the gate locked. So they tramped through the bush in the pitch black to a rear entrance to find their motorhome locked. Fortunately they had a spare set of keys.

He ended up with stitches and a sizable plaster to bragg about.

So the moral of the story is .... if you go to the bar walk, if your go by bike wear your crash helmet so you spill less blood, drink less alcohol or drink more alcohol so you're too incapable of mounting your saddle!!  innocent
Wigley Woggled
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