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mezan owner now a fairford owner

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mezan owner now a fairford owner Empty mezan owner now a fairford owner

Post by rustyllargo Mon May 02, 2016 8:25 pm

Having recently acquired a Fairford i would appreciate any input from seasoned people. We have had issues with the heater outlet plastic at the rear melting and today trying to change, or test change the spare have discovered the plate you attach to the alloy when positioning it in place of the steel underfloor is too small, the three holes do not match up so i guess they have supplied the wrong size plate for this model so we will contact the vehicle suppliers and ask. Other issues include the leaking sink pipes in the shower, the sliding sink is not ideal but does work however, ours drips from time to time. Overall we are reasonably happy and go away in it in just over a month for a few months so have got gas adapters on ebay for continental filling of the lpg tank. We also found the venting too unrestricted. Having owned a Mezan for many years we do appreciate venting is needed, but the rear of microwave vent was ridiculous to we have inserted a throttle to it to at least restrict the flow as it was very cold when trying to cook with that easterly wind. We also used to own a Duetto years ago and covered many miles in it. So feel free anyone who needs any answers for the two older vehicle we have owned. The Mezan in particular had many problems specially the eberspacher fitting, and wiring. The rear suspension was an issue but uprated springs can be fitted quite cheaply direct from the manufacturer of the originals that autosleeper fitted. Having just joined i would like to thank the many dedicated posters who answer many peoples questions. I have visited for many years without registering and found many answers without thanking people so i do so now. I both hate and love Autosleeper, but their products are at least predictable and have inproved quite a lot over the years i think. greetings everyone and happy safe  travelling to you all smile!


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