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damp found in my 2002 Nuevo

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damp found in my 2002 Nuevo Empty damp found in my 2002 Nuevo

Post by mags Mon Apr 18, 2016 12:49 pm

During a recent habitation check damp was found in one spot was 100%  going down to 15% on three quarters of one side only.  as anyone got advice for me.  Im having it repaired next month costing £900  is it all bad news from now on  or can the repair be successful. perhaps advice for future ?heater etc thanks


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damp found in my 2002 Nuevo Empty Re: damp found in my 2002 Nuevo

Post by steamdrivenandy Mon Apr 18, 2016 1:54 pm

Surely it really rather depends on the source of the dampness? If it's a leak from piping or splashing from over filled toilet cistern tank then it can be stopped with little chance of a repeat. If it's a leaking body joint then that can be sealed, but at 14 years old similar sealing on other joints might be about to 'let go' and repeat the problem. There again, all the rest of the joints may be fine and this incident is just a one-off which won't be repeated.

You have to remember that coachbuilt motorhomes are basically caravans on a chassis cab and whilst many last much longer than 14 years, there are very few caravans that are leak free at that sort of age.


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