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Sat dish vs Dome

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Sat dish vs Dome Empty Sat dish vs Dome

Post by Libraryman2 on Thu Mar 31, 2016 1:03 pm

Hi again group:

Another query if I may!   
This time again for my pending Broadway EK TB LP........I will want to fit a TV sat system of some description.
I can get a reduction if I have the semi air suspension and the Sat system fitted together so it makes sense to do that but........
There are so many choices shrugg

I know that I plan to tour as far as Southern Spain....I also know that I've Bob hope of getting a signal down
It appears there's no point in fitting a large dish ( though your views are important on this point)

What is the most practical option if one considers that cost is not critical?



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Sat dish vs Dome Empty Re: Sat dish vs Dome

Post by Liam on Thu Mar 31, 2016 1:49 pm

I would go for the dish every time - it folds relatively flat when not in use when compared to the dome. Dishes have much less wind resistance and are less likely to be wiped out by an unnoticed overhanging tree branch - you would not have been able to park on some of the pitches we experienced recently on our Spanish trip. 
I understand that the domes covers are very fragile - the material has to be thin in order to minimize attenuation of the signal. 
As an option for consideration, the latest Oyster Caro is much smaller but uses the latest aerial technology and consequently, I understand, is equal to or better than the larger conventional dishes! But it's not cheap!!
I have an 85Cm dish and managed to get Sky news on my recent trip to southern Spain. All other free-sat programs were only obtainable when we reached the Bordeaux region in France. 
Hope this helps.


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