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Are we haunted?

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Are we haunted?  Empty Are we haunted?

Post by Pete Taylor on Sun Nov 29, 2015 11:03 pm

Yesterday I was messing about in the van in preparation for a trip to the Cotswolds in a couple of weeks. I entered and left via the cab passenger door; the habitation door was not used, the external locking thingy was in position and the electric step was up.
This morning I looked out and the step was down... I said to Madame "please remember to put the step up when you've been in the van"... "I've not been in the van", she protested.
I said nowt, as this has proven a good strategy in the past. This afternoon I noticed that the step was up, so I expressed my thanks to 'erself.... "I've not been in the van" says she; rather menacingly I thought.

 On investigation I found that the push-button was stuck almost completely in and could only be moved a tiny fraction- it was stiff. What I think was happening was that the contacts had been making and breaking and operating the step, due to the hurricane-force winds which have been raging here today and shaking the van (and everything else) like rag dolls. Wheelie bins have been moving around like in a poltergeist and watering cans flying thro' the air. A quite large tree branch has crashed from a scots pine a couple of doors down.

Quick squirt of WD40 and normality is returned to the step, the push-button moves freely again.

On the other hand; a mouse seems to have made off with a mouse-trap I set in the garage yesterday- can't find it anywhere; and the mole in the front lawn has set the trap off twice but no corpse!




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Pete Taylor
Pete Taylor


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Are we haunted?  Empty Re: Are we haunted?

Post by Jaytee on Sun Nov 29, 2015 11:50 pm

Yep, haunted hugegrins

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