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A Grumpy Comment

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A Grumpy Comment Empty A Grumpy Comment

Post by maricardo Thu Nov 19, 2015 10:54 am

Having been motorcaravanners for many years we tend to read most magazines associated with the moblie life.  My pet dislike are letters from fellow campers (curtain twitchers) who criticise the way others are enjoying themselves.  They are usually the people who are enjoying "the great outdoors" and play cards and board games in the evening and "like to get away from it all" and make it clear they don't want phones or computers or TVs.  To those fellow campers let it be known that we don't want to get away from it all - life is very pleasant at home thank you but we do use our van a lot for personal reasons.  We take everything - kindles, TV, Ipads, mobile phone and so on and probably spend a lot time in our van not playing cards or board games thank you but maybe watching TV.
ps. Our life at home consists of playing bridge, running a weekly whist drive and playing some four bowls league matches a week.


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Post by Paulmold Thu Nov 19, 2015 11:34 am

Each to their own - live and let live etc etc. I agree.

Nice to be important but more important to be nice


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