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Auto-Sleepers & Motorhome Dealers Chat Rules

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Auto-Sleepers & Motorhome Dealers Chat Rules Empty Auto-Sleepers & Motorhome Dealers Chat Rules

Post by Admin on Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:38 pm

Please note if you post or respond in this section that you ensure any information is factual, based on your own experience and NOT just hearsay from others or information you have picked up from other forums! Also ensure that any information you post is either current or recent, and not just petty in nature.  ( * Posts deemed petty or irrelevant will be removed )

Hopefully this section will help our members in their choice of who they entrust to carry out work on their valuable motorhomes, and members will post their own experiences to help others in their decisions of who to buy from, as well as use for repairs and maintenance of their Auto-Sleeper motorhomes.


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