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Not at all condescending!

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Not at all condescending! Empty Not at all condescending!

Post by jollywalker Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:39 am

Hi all,

Having recently bought a new road bike I decided to buy a new pump with gauge for it, as it has the Presta valve rather than the Schrader valve on my old bike.

The new pump duly arrived, but it does not work. When connected the gauge is unstable, and the pump does not draw in air to pump up the tyre, so no use at all.

I contacted the shop to be told that maybe I didn't know how to use a cycle pump, and perhaps I could find someone to help me, and show me how to use a cycle pump.

My reply?  censored!

Needless to say the pump is going back for a refund.

What ever happened to customer service, and quality parts!?


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Not at all condescending! Empty Re: Not at all condescending!

Post by Dutto Mon Aug 10, 2015 4:37 pm


Deepest sympathies!!!  tap_fingers tap_fingers

Please, make sure that you apply a copious amount of Vaseline to the pump before returning it to the shop; and there delivering it to the relevant assistant in the traditional manner! allthumbz allthumbz allthumbz

Best regards,

Dutto - Living more in hope than expectation; and seldom disappointed!


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