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Wine 'glasses'

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Wine 'glasses' Empty Wine 'glasses'

Post by Paulmold on Fri Jun 12, 2015 11:07 am

Those of you who don't like drinking out of 'plastic' please ignore this.

We have tried loads of 'plastic' (polycarbonate, acrylic or whatever) wine glasses over the years. Bought expensive ones, cheap ones and everything in between. Some have had the foot glued to the stem and after many washes in hot water, these tend to part company. We've bought what look like very good quality ones from that stall at shows that sells all manner of accessories only to find these have craze lines throughout when held up to the light after considerable use. Last year we just happened to be in a Tesco when I noticed some plastic (can't be more precise than that) glasses , one-piece moulded foot to stem (actually the whole glass is made in two halves, you can just feel a join), good size and costing only £1 each, these are not the coloured ones but clear just like normal glass. Over a year later and plenty of use, they are just as good as the day we bought them. Haven't seen them in Tesco this year but saw them in Sainsburys at £1.50. You'll find them with the picnic-ware.  they also do champagne flutes. These are not the thin disposable quality.


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