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Hob Flame Failure Detection query

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Hob Flame Failure Detection query Empty Hob Flame Failure Detection query

Post by Backtrax on Mon May 11, 2015 8:21 am

On our EL Broadway the hob is situated above the fridge.
Immediately adjacent to them is the oven/grill and above it, the sink unit.

On a couple of occasions SWMBO says the hob burners have refused to stay alight after a few seconds of holding the gas valve in, but then after a short time they work ok!!
This happened yesterday and I went to investigate.
None of the 4 burners would remain lit - indicating to me that they must be under the control of a common Flame Failure Device (FFD).
I then noticed that the fridge was in an alarmed state, which was unusual, but we had turned the gas bottle off then on again after a eurotunnel crossing.
I switched off the fridge then on again to reset it.
Immediately the burners would then stay alight!!

Is this just co-incidence or do the fridge and hob share an FFD.
They have separate gas isolation valves but I am wondering if there is commonality on the detection circuit.

Anybody know how the Hob FFD is connected or indeed where it is?


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Hob Flame Failure Detection query Empty Re: Hob Flame Failure Detection query

Post by inspiredron on Thu May 14, 2015 8:46 pm

It sounds as though you may have had some air in the pipes.  Because this is happening frequently i suspect that it may be a gas joint leaking.  Perhaps your flexible connection from the gas bottle to the regulator (or regulator to van on an older van - you have not completed year of van in your profile!) has gone porous.  that happened to me once and I did not realise until i smelt gas slightly in th elocker and our gas consumption had more than doubled.
I don'tthink there is ANY chance of a common FFD. It would be a nonsense to turn all burners off if one blew out.  And to link it with the fridge? No chance!

Best wishes - Ron


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