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Thule Supplementary Awing Rafter

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Thule Supplementary Awing Rafter Empty Thule Supplementary Awing Rafter

Post by Jeeves on Sun Oct 12, 2014 12:44 pm

Has anybody had trouble fitting a THULE SUPPLEMENTARY RAFTER (spring loaded) to their awning??
Whilst on holiday in France, I found that I really needed to give this large awning on my motorhome, some rigidity/support, especially in windy weather, soon my return I purchased a THULE SR for my awning. 

My local dealer was unable to decide exactly how the two end fittings on the rafter screwed into the awning internal fitting, and the front profile of the awning.
Can anyone help me by sending photos of both fittings, or information so that I can get my problem resolved. scratch head
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