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Auto Sleeper Nuevo EK Water System

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Auto Sleeper Nuevo EK Water System Empty Auto Sleeper Nuevo EK Water System

Post by Gyp C Thu Sep 11, 2014 10:11 am

 On our recent trip to Scotland in our AutoSleepers Nuevo EK (registered Jan 2011) we were unable to prime the water system,the pump was running but the water was was not entering the Truma boiler.
Checked the dump valve was in the closed position and for signs of leakage under the van all ok.
Refered to AS manual for further info and was surprised to read that the pump was located below the wardrobe having checked this it clearly was,nt ?.
Called Mark at AS service workshop who informed me on this model the pump is located   in the tank and offered two possible reason,s for the problem.
1. Fault in the pump.
2. Push fit pipe connector may have failed.
Have other owners expierianced  this problem and how was the fault rectified ?.

Thanks in anticipation Gyp C
Gyp C
Gyp C


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Auto Sleeper Nuevo EK Water System Empty Re: Auto Sleeper Nuevo EK Water System

Post by MR BUMP Sat Sep 13, 2014 8:18 am

Hi, I have had a few problems water leaks with my 2010 Nuevo, all made the pump switch on periodically, initially it was a leaking pipe from the kitchen to the bathroom, fixed by dealer, then twice pipes under the loo/shower came adrift (? disturbed by previous fix? maybe) the connectors were blamed and have been changed. While it doesn't really help you it does suggest that the push connectors are vulnerable.
PS my Nuevo does have the pump in the wardrobe, it is May 2010 so looks like AS haven't updated the manual.
Good Luck


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