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Auction-speak Empty Auction-speak

Post by modelman Thu Jul 17, 2014 12:46 pm

Visited a few car auctions just to see what the difference between 'auction' prices & 'dealer' prices for a new ( to me ) car as I've had the old Land-Rover for 10 years now & fancied a new 'toy'.
Well, its quite a few years since I went to one & was gobsmacked at the 'lingo', ALL the smart-* Inappropriate Word * auctioneers must have been trying to 'out-mumble' each other & trying to emulate the yanks, as all I heard was a constant high speed droning/mumbling, now I fully appreciate that these things have to be hurtled-through as quick as possible ( each car had 30 sec to 1 min ) but I defy ANYONE to have actually understood them. 
I think the people who go regularly, traders etc. simply switch to autopilot & just KNOW what all the rantings are about.  

Anyroadup, after watching hundreds of cars go through, & having almost no time to check, decided to bite the bullet & go the trader route, its almost a certainty that they get them from auctions anyway, but at least he gave me 6 months warranty, has all new tyres & almost a years tax/test.

I find that car-auctions are very interesting however, & you can see just how cheap cars CAN be bought for if willing to chance it, a few years ago, no probs for me, but i'm cracking on a bit & want an 'easy-life' nowadays.  hugegrins

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