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I've just been harangued

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I've just been harangued Empty I've just been harangued

Post by meanchris Tue Jul 15, 2014 3:51 pm

by my normally peaceable and helpful next door neighbour, a 'tugger' for 25 years by his own admission.

It was when I mentioned 'wild camping' that he threw what SWMBO refers to as a "thromboogie"  hugegrins 

sensored1  motorhomers, parking outside municipal campsites, that WE PAY FOR, and then coming in for a pee, poo, and hot  sensored1  water".

Has the tap on your box of wine got stuck mate?

"You'll be sorry when you get gassed and robbed in your sleep, it's happening all over the place now, I'd never stop outside of a campsite, WHICH WE PAY FOR, now because 'they' are everywhere, trying to rob you".

Jon, says I, maybe you're paying for the privilege of a safe secure municipal site, not for the facilities alone which are for everyone, to encourage tourists into the villages and towns to spend money in the auberges and tapas bars? Maybe the motorhomes parked in the village square (for free) are protecting you from the hordes of robbers/murderers/eastern europeans?

sensored1  sensored1  sensored1  and have you seen all the waste facilities that have been installed because  sensored1  sensored1  motorhomers all drive along with their waste taps open,  sensored1 ards".

 innocent  innocent  innocent Sorry mate, I didn't realise that all motorhomers are retired Hell's Angels.  boo 

censored "

I think he's just jealous of my motorhome  winks  hugegrins


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I've just been harangued Empty Re: I've just been harangued

Post by Dutto Thu Jul 17, 2014 5:59 pm

lol4  lol4  lol4  lol4 

Don'tcha just love it when someone loses it???

I find that as many "thieves" are running campsites as stealing from motorhomes in lay-bys!   allthumbz  allthumbz 

On the other hand, I do sympathise with the site owners around Skegness who lay on EHU, water and waste disposal and then people break the Local By-Laws and park in prohibited places! tap_fingers 

Like all things there is a balance to be struck and the problem with going out on a limb is that somebody will saw it off!!  Whistle1  Whistle1 

Best regards,


Like the title.

Reminds me of the dishevelled girl that walked into the Police Station and said "I've been graped!"

"Don't you mean raped?" enquired the Desk Sergeant.

"No" she said "there were a bunch of them!"


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