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Condensation in reversing camera

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Condensation in reversing camera Empty Condensation in reversing camera

Post by moggyminor1966 on Sun Jun 15, 2014 7:05 pm

I have noticed recently that there is condensation in the reversing camera lens on my 2011 Nuevo EK with factory fitted camera. Is there any way to clear this? It does give a rather foggy view in the mirror.


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Condensation in reversing camera Empty Re: Condensation in reversing camera

Post by nimbus on Mon Jun 16, 2014 10:14 am

We get a slightly misty picture after the van hasn't been used for a while but it clears after a short while, presumably due to the electronics heating it up. We also have a permanent blurry spot right in the centre which is possibly caused by dust on the inside of the glass.

I've tried to remove the camera on our Warwick Duo but it means removing a fabric trim panel and insulation which is glued in place. I gave up after 15 minutes and decided to live with it. But it looks as if the camera can be dismantled as there are two screws visible on the outside.

I've installed a second camera under the rear step which I use in rainy weather when the high level one gets covered in water.


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