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Service Interval on Merc AS

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Service Interval on Merc AS Empty Service Interval on Merc AS

Post by Molly Motorhome on Wed May 14, 2014 3:03 pm

Having purchased a new Merc based AS in March last year I was a little stunned to be prompted by the engine management system to have a one spanner service on 1st May a little under 14 months after I took delivery.  I'm aware that the vans will have been delivered to AS from Merc a while before they are sold but surly not 10 months and I would thought AS would have had the rights to reset all the counters at the point the completed vans leave the factory. 

According to the Merc service centre the service is due after 18,000 miles or two years whichever occurs first.  The van is 14 months old and has a staggering mileage of 3000 miles.

I would be interested to know after how long others were prompted for the first service? 

Kind regards

Molly Motorhome
Molly Motorhome


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Service Interval on Merc AS Empty Re: Service Interval on Merc AS

Post by Peter Brown on Wed May 14, 2014 3:35 pm

My Merc doesn't have any specified service intervals - it tells you when it wants to be serviced.

After the first year I was wondering when it would be asked to be serviced - you can ask it to estimate the miles to the next service - I did and reckoned it wouldn't ask for 4 years.

I was a bit worried about that so rang Mercedes customer service and they advised that eventually time would kick in to the equation and maybe oil condition.  It did, 18 months from new at 7,500 miles, it told me on about 15th April that I need a service in 30 days (or something like that).  For various reasons including a month long trip to China I knew I couldn't get it in till middle of June and was worried about warranty implications.  Neither my local garage or customer services considered that an issue so an oil service plus was carried out on 17th June at 20 months old.

I'm guessing the spanner will appear again shortly after we set off in it for Pompeii at the end of this month!!


PS I've just dug my maintenance booklet out. Page 13 gives details of the Active Service System (ASSYST) that is employed on my vehicle. Sensors measure several parameters used to calculate the appropriate service. You get approx. one months notice and (on mine) it counted down the days and after the due date counted up with a minus sign in front

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Peter Brown
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