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Easyfind LNB

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Easyfind LNB Empty Easyfind LNB

Post by crumb Wed Apr 30, 2014 12:03 pm

I purchased a avtex tv with satellite receiver built in, tried it with a free standing dish with a standard LNB and analogue satellite finder, couldn't find a thing in English, just the odd German gentleman's phone in channel, the better half wasn't best pleased, took a while to convince her it was not my fault.
Anyway I saw an advert for an easyfind LNB that turned out to be compatible with Avtex this is important only a few receivers are compatible, simplicity it's self, with the telly on astra 2 turn the dish until an led on the LNB lights up red, then tilt until it changes to green, then do a channel search on the telly.


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Easyfind LNB Empty Re: Easyfind LNB

Post by nevergiveup Thu May 01, 2014 3:00 pm

You are right Crumb, we have used an easyfind LNB and small 12vSat receiver for a few years now. We have just updated the TV to an Avtex with Sat and HD so look forward to using it on that. My only problem is I am partially colourblind, but can see the difference if not in the sun!!



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