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Post by Admin Wed Aug 10, 2011 6:28 pm

read rules

General Forum Rules:

Please "Be Polite To Other Members" - We do not tolerate any rudeness.
Any member who is intentionally unpleasant, or deemed disruptive will be banned without any warning or explanation.

We will not tolerate inappropriate / bad language and urge members to think before they type. While certain words may be posted in jest and seem harmless to you they could be considered offensive to another member. We have in place a system to filter out certain swear words and If a member uses any word on the banned list it will show in their post as *Inappropriate Word* members that attempt to get over these filters by editing certain letters with characters like **** or omitting letters to soften these words will result in their posts being edited or removed, please respect this basic request.

You may not use discussions to belittle other products or services, or any company unfairly or unjustifiably; This includes companies like Auto-Sleepers, Auto-Sleepers Owners Club, and includes (this forum) The Auto-Sleeper Owners Forum. Any post deemed inappropriate by a Moderator or Admin will be removed without notice or any warning or explanation.

Posts debating how we should, or should not run this forum will NOT be tolerated, neither will posts discussing enforcement of such by Admin or moderators. Posts of this nature will be removed without any notice. Also, posts that are deemed damaging to our forum i.e. threatening, offensive, factually inaccurate, slanderous or otherwise portraying our forum in a defamatory or negative manner will be edited or deleted without any warning or explanation.

The Administrators & owners of this forum reserve the right to move, edit, or delete any post without explanation.
If your post has been moved or removed it's been done for good reason. Please do not contact Admin or our Moderators demanding to know where your post has gone and/or why you were not informed. Running a forum consumes a considerable amount of time and sometimes decisions have to be made that won't always prove popular with members.

If you want to enter discussion and make suggestions that actually contribute to the forum in a friendly, helpful manner, then you are most welcome. However, we will not tolerate those that intend to disrupt our forum and cause conflict! ISP identification is in operation and you will be banned.

We encourage feedback from members, and invite you to use our " Forum Feedback & Suggestions" in the community forum, or PM Admin if you have any questions or concerns.

Reporting Posts: If you see any kind of inappropriate behavior, ie; bullying, bad language, offensive posts, spam, inappropriate links etc anywhere on the forum please use the "Report Post" icon within each post.

Disputes: if you are in dispute with any business, then please don't use this board as a platform to broadcast your anger towards that business or any individual. Please do not under any circumstances leave us open to any legal libel case as we do not have funds to fight your battles (unless you are going to pay the legal fees!) if you have issues with a business then there are other channels like the small claims courts etc where you can channel your anger.

* New Members *

New members that register, but fail to sign into their accounts on the forum within the first 48hrs will have their accounts deleted. This action has been introduced to avoid an increasing problem, and to avoid our forums memberlist being skewed by showing a high percentage of inactive accounts or members who have never even visited the forum.

We have a strict policy regarding members who create accounts but do not use them within an acceptable period If you create an account with us, then please have the courtesy to use it.

Please DO NOT join this forum to just promote your business or website (this is considered Spam) - If you are not an active member then your website link will be removed and your account made inactive.
Please DO NOT join this site to just post in the Classifieds Section - Any members who post in the classifieds section, who have either not introduced themselves first, or are not seen to be active on the forum will have their entry removed. Please respect this decision, it is extremely rude when a new member posts in the classifieds who hasn't posted an introduction or familiarised themselves with our community first. Members who are found to be creating an excessive number of aliases or usernames under the same IP address for whatever reason will be BANNED! (No exceptions)


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