Sliding Door Stopper (Stopsy)

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Sliding Door Stopper (Stopsy) Empty Sliding Door Stopper (Stopsy)

Post by DaveKilroy on Tue Apr 01, 2014 11:01 am

I know a few people on here have mentioned this piece of kit and GeoffCrowther has a picture on his blog - but I couldn't find an actual post/link to a site - apologies if i have missed it and duplicated a post.

Its a simple stainless steel insert (and adhesive) for the runner on most vans with sliding doors that allows you to create a 'mid-point' in the door channel where the door is held open without the door sliding back/forth if you are on the slightest of inclines - something that to me was an immediate bugbear when I parked on a less than perfectly level site.
Its very easy to fit, you simply use the supplied adhesive to position the stopsy in the channel in the desired place. There is no need to drill  up! 

Here's a link to the German company who supply the 'Stopsy' - obviously the site is in German but with google translate  it was easy to navigate through the site and order one of these highly recommended pieces of kit.

It costs a few cents less than €30 + tax and delivery.  Mine arrived within 3 days of ordering



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